Continuous innovation is absolutely necessary in the education, and with that criterion, Jado Ikastetxea’s 2016-17 project foresees different innovative actions so that the school continues on the path of improvement. This evolution will take place in various fields: training, methodology, new technologies, development of multiple intelligences, digital materials, assessments... As you can see, this field is very open in teaching and everything is supposed to develop a continuous innovation.


1. To detail the Plan of innovation of the Centre.
2. To implement the Innovation Plan.
3. To assess the Innovation process.


1. To train the new members of the Innovation area.
2. To describe the Training Project.
3. To develop training each term.
4. To agree to the proposal of this course with the Foundation Trilemma.
5. To develop strategies to support the Faculty in the innovation process.
6. To design strategies to implement in classes.
7. To develop routines and strategies that will be used in the tutoring plan.
8. Innovation team’s meetings.
9. IV. Edition of innovation of the province, in Alcalá.
10. Interiority.
11. Work Projects in our classes (Pree-school education).
12. Reading in pairs (Elementary education).
13. Seminar on ICT in the school.
14. Moddle and digital materials.
15. To collect the work carried out throughout the academic year and analyse it.
16. To develop the Plan of Innovation.